Helen Johnson

Brief Biography:

Helen is experienced in working in a gender and development context both theoretically and practically. She has extensive experience in feminist research with the benefit of a legal and diverse work background. Her particular interest is in service provision that promotes transformations in women’s lives with experiencing of developing and evaluating interventions. Her background is in law, desistance from crime, equalities, human rights, policy, service provision, emotions and wellbeing. She also has a strong background in university level education and an interest in furthering education more generally. 

Areas of Expertise:

Specialising in: Qualitative Research, Policy, Law and Criminology, Gender and Feminism,  Repertory Grid and Personal Construct Theory, Theories of Change, Emotions and Emotionally Intelligent Policy/Strategy, Service Provision. 

Experience includes: Measuring impact, evaluation and development of service provision, Meaning, identity, interpretation,  Preparation of annual reports, restructuring and organisational policy development, Mapping change and transformation, Modelling interventions, Evaluation and monitoring of International and UK policy, Legal, equalities and human rights research.

Qualifications: Diploma in Methods of Social Research, PhD in Criminology, Fully qualified barrister

Contact Info:

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/hjohnsonga