Lauren Smith

Brief Biography:

Lauren is a policy and external relations specialist with over 10 years’ experience in strategic communications, policy and external relations roles in partnership and project settings. She is passionate about gender equality, strengthening women's participation and influence, and partnerships for development. Lauren is academically trained in international security, international relations and development policy and holds a First Class M.A. in International Security, an Honors post graduate in International Relations, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; and Media Studies. She has worked in Asia Pacific, North America, and the UK with multilateral agencies, government and NGOs.

Areas of Expertise:

Lauren's UN system experience, and prior work with multilaterals UNDP and OECD, is complemented by 10+ years of public policy employment with a focus on children and youth safeguarding and engagement. She has undertaken research in 2018 to evaluate progress made by the UK in implementing SGD 5 on Gender Equality, MeasuringUp was presented at the 2018 HLPF on Sustainable Development in New York. She has covered UN and international processes such as Agenda 2030, SDGs, FFD, and partnership forums for UNDP as Global Partnership and Multi-stakeholder Analyst and is an experienced partnership and intergovernmental analyst, global focal point and coordinator. She is a Trustee and Management Committee Member for the National Alliance of Women's Organisations which works to extend women's participation and influence at national, regional and international level via relevant processes including UN CSW, CEDAW, and UK Joint Committee on Women engagement with the European Women's Lobby. Her skill-set includes diplomatic outreach and advocacy for institutional positioning, external and internal communication, policy and stakeholder analysis, project management and reporting, and management of communities of practice.

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