Natalie Armitage

Brief Biography:

A media, communications, advocacy and international development professional; sharpened at diplomacy. Experienced in: grant making, government agencies, civil society, programmes and grass-roots community work.

Carrying an MA in Human Rights from University of Sussex with a special focus on Women and Human Rights. HREA Education in Emergencies trained, with a BSc in Politics. All degrees included professional development modules and were applied in context as part of examination.

Enthusiastic about aligning Programme and Advocacy objectives into a joint strategy; to streamline goals and objectives at every level from grass root work- to global stages; most recently for Malala Yousafzai at Malala Fund. Passionate about receiving impact assessments from people working closely to the ground- and feeding that information upwards to drive policy and advocacy directions. 

Other experience includes: Gender Justice desk at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in South Africa, bringing challenges in the private domain into the public for discussion in rural Ethiopian forest communities, tackling discussions about gender violence in India, and supporting mothers of small babies in refugee communities that have recently arrived in Europe in Northern Greece.