Tuula Nieminen

Brief Biography:

Tuula is a widely experienced international law and policy expert with over fifteen years of experience from inter-governmental organisations in Brussels, a City-of-London law firm, academia, and NGOs. Currently Tuula’s legal & policy advice and research work includes women’s rights as well as empowerment of women and girls in developed and developing markets. Passionate about justice, development and empowerment of women, Tuula leads the UN Women UKNC’s work on Post-2015 Development Agenda, is a member of the London Committee of UN Women in the UK, and mentors formerly trafficked women in London as well as aspiring businesswomen in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. A visiting lecturer in law and business schools, Tuula is also a regular keynote speaker, facilitator and chair at member and stakeholder meetings, corporate and public policy conferences. Tuula has post-graduate qualifications in international law (PhD) and global business (MBA). Admitted to the Finnish Bar Association in 1999, she has also trained as a co-active coach and received a Certification in international Corporate Compliance & Ethics.

Areas of Expertise:

European/global legal and policy framework for women’s rights, gender justice and women’s empowerment; law and policy research, analysis and advice; government/IGO relations; corporate engagement; training and capacity building; MDGs, Post-2015 development agenda and sustainable development goals; UN Global Compact; UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; Women’s Empowerment Principles; corporate citizenship and gender; ethical trading and women; gender and value chain development; anti-corruption; anti-trafficking; empowerment of women and girls