GADN-AWID Webinar: Corporate power and women's economic justice - 28 February 2017

Women’s economic justice cannot be seen in isolation but must be understood within a prevailing framework that ignores gender biases and favors “growth” at all costs. In the context of massive rise of corporate power, which AWID defines as, “the excessive control and appropriation of natural resources, labour, information and finance by an alliance of powerful corporations, and global elites, in collusion with government”, can women’s economic empowerment be attained?

This webinar offers a space to think collectively about the kind of transformations we need to make gender, economic and ecological justice a reality. In the context of a rise in corporate power, AWID and GADN aim to reclaim the debate around women's economic justice from a human rights and feminist perspective. Speakers include Mariama Williams, Rachel Moussié, Marusia López Cruz, and Chidi King (all biographies here).

We will explore:

  • The theme of CSW61 is women’s economic empowerment, what are some of the issues that arise here?
  • What is the role of corporate power in hampering the advancement of women’s rights and gender justice?
  • As feminist activists, what are our visions and proposals for economic autonomy and justice? Can we identify common advocacy messages in advance of CSW61?

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