how to join gadn

Why join GADN?

GADN is a diverse membership network of leading practitioners, academics and consultants working on gender and development issues, primarily in the UK. Our members are very important to us - they determine GADN’s priorities and work areas, the thematic focus of our meetings and the content of our policy responses. 

GADN has been active in advocacy and awareness-raising on gender and development issues since its founding in 1985. The benefits of being a GADN member include:

  • Networking and discussion with experts

  • Working with others on your own organisation’s priorities

  • Adding strength to your voice by being part of an established network

  • Obtaining new ideas and inputs

  • Increased efficiency by sharing with others

  • Working collectively on GADN strategies and priorities in line with your own shared interests

  • Informing others in the sector about your own activities

  • Opportunities for support and collaboration and joint activities

For more information about becoming a member, please complete the form available here and we will get back to you. 

Please note that membership is primarily intended for those living or working in the UK. Individuals and organisations based overseas are welcome to apply to join, but participation in activities will be on a remote/virtual basis.

Membership Details

GADN members are required to support the vision, mission and strategic aims of the network. Organisational membership is subject to approval from our Board of Trustees. We welcome applications for membership from individuals and organisations across the UK and abroad including students, consultants, small and large NGOs and interested individuals.

Private consultancy firms are not currently eligible for organisational membership.

We reserve the right to refuse membership or to terminate membership without notice.

GADN Membership Annual Fees

  • Individuals (based overseas) £5

  • Organisations (based overseas) £20

  • Concessions (UK-based, student/unwaged) £20

  • Individuals (UK-based) £40

  • Small Organisations (UK-based, annual income under £1million) £110

  • Medium Organisations (UK-based, annual income £1-19million) £275

  • Large Organisations (UK-based, annual income £20million+) £550

Concessions are also available for organisations with very limited income. Please contact the GADN Coordinator for more information.

GADN membership runs in line with our financial year: April to March. If you would like to join in the middle of the year, we can offer a per month rate until the next financial year at which point you will be invited to renew your membership for the full following financial year.

Apply for GADN Membership

Please complete the form here to enquire about GADN membership, and we will send you an application pack.