Resources For Campaigning on Gender Equality

Ten steps towards integrating gender equality into campaigns

This briefing is a guide for campaigners and communicators seeking to address gender equality and women's and girls’ rights more effectively in their work.  

Whether you’re planning a campaign on a specific women's and girls’ rights challenge or working on a broader issue and want to ensure that your campaign promotes gender equality, the ten steps will suggest how to use a gender equality and women's rights lens at every stage of campaign planning and delivery.  

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Gender and Campaigning Training Pack

Why and how to integrate gender equality into your campaigns

In recent years, gender equality and ‘women and girls’ have become the subject of an unprecedented focus by development actors, donor governments and the international community. Development NGOs are increasingly seeking to take up the cause of gender equality in their advocacy and campaigning, either by developing specific women’s rights campaigns, or by trying to incorporate a gender focus into other campaigns.  

However, this new commitment is not always matched by an understanding of what challenging gender inequality means in practice.  Integrating gender is sometimes difficult, especially without the right tools or expertise.  

The Gender and Development Network (GADN) has therefore produced a training pack to provide some of the insights and practical ideas needed to understand why and how to integrate gender equality and the rights of women and girls into international development campaigns.  

Who is it for?

The training course is aimed at campaigners and communications, fundraising or policy staff with a significant element of campaigning or advocacy in their role.  It is intended for those who want to incorporate a gender equality or women’s and girls’ rights focus into international development campaigns. Previous knowledge of gender equality issues is not necessary to participate in the training.  

What does the training pack include?

Written by a former NCVO senior campaigns consultant and gender experts from GADN, the off-the-shelf pack gives all the materials needed to run this one-day training day in-house.

The session can be delivered either by an experienced campaigner or women’s rights and development practitioner.  The training programme is participatory, interactive and questioning.  It allows participants to share their own views and experiences and creates a safe space in which to explore key issues.  Trainers can adapt timings and content to reflect the specific experience and requirements of the training group.

The full pack includes:

  • An introduction to the pack

  • Detailed notes for the trainer and a training day plan

  • 26 PowerPoint slides for the course

  • A participant’s pack including 10 hand-outs

Download the pack now:

The training was prepared for the Gender and Development Network by Bethan Brookes, Jessica Woodroffe, Francesca Rhodes and Lee Webster. GADN is grateful to Womankind Worldwide for funding this training pack. Womankind Worldwide’s Women’s Rights Advocacy Toolkit is available from their website: