Aneeta Williams

Brief Biography

An international development and humanitarian practitioner with a passion to end of all forms of abuse and exploitation. A trainer in Gender, SGBV, WPS, Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law; an accredited PSEA Investigator and Trainer with the Core Humanitarian Standards Alliance; Safeguarding trainer with BOND and Safeguarding expert with Social Development Direct. As a Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) Expert with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Aneeta supported and trained in documentation and investigation of CRSV. Over 16 years she has supported policy analysis and development, risk management, leadership and accountability; investigation; assess to justice for victims and witnesses, training, advice, mentoring and support.

Areas of Expertise:

Human Rights, Gender, Child Rights, Child Safeguarding and Protection, Justice for vulnerable victims/witnesses.  Clients have included: UNICEF, WHO, Institut International des Droits de l'Enfant (Switzerland), MAPC/MKKM, The Children's Society, Mother's Union, Erikshjalpen, EU-CORD, Micah Network, King's College London, Keeping Children Safe, Act for Peace, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International, WorldVision UK.

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