Gender: Post-2015 and Political Participation

Post-2015 - 

The UN High Level Panel report on the Post-2015 development agenda was released at the end of May, and included a standalone goal to "empower women and girls and achieve gender inequality" as well as a commitment to mainstream gender throughout the framework. GADN argued here that a standalone goal is crucial to act as a catalyst to provide the necessary political will and resources to achieve women's empowerment and gender equality and this outcome is good news indeed. Our report has been cited by government officials as influential in the process and final recommendations. Moving forward, GADN will continue to advocate for a strong focus on women’s rights and gender equality in the new framework, including making proposals for transformative targets and indicators. A full response to the report will be published by GADN shortly. 

Various GADN members have also commented on high level panel report’s focus on gender:

ActionAid- UN report shows strong leadership on women's rights and tax avoidance.

VSO - 'Hugely encouraged' by high level panel proposal to put women's empowerment at the heart of future efforts to fight poverty. 

Womankind - Post-2015 sets sights on gender equality. 


Political empowerment - 

The Political Empowerment group was set up in May 2013. The group will initially operate as an information sharing platform for members working on both advocacy and programming. The group plans to carry out a mapping of GADN member’s activities in this area, and also to support GADN’s work on DFID’s strategic vision for women and girls and its ‘enabling environment’.

In April 2013 GADN held a meeting to share information and discuss approaches on political participation and leadership. Oxfam, Womankind Worldwide and VSO shared aspects of their work in this area.

A video by Womankind Worldwide, "Women's Voices" , sees partners from Africa and Asia talking about women’s leadership matters.

VSO's Women in Power campaign is calling for increased involvement of women in decision making at all levels. Watch the campaign video for more information. 

GADN Coordinator