Education, Post-2015 & Inequality working groups

Communications and Research volunteer recruitment

GADN is recruiting a new Communications and research volunteer to start in September. The volunteer will support the secretariat to create engaging and useful communications through our newsletter, website and social media. They also support and attend GADN events and meetings and have the opportunity to support research tasks for the network.
Volunteers usually commit one day a week for 6-9 months, so the role is great for someone undertaking a masters or final year degree in 2013-14. The full role description and how to apply is on our website.
Please pass on to anyone you think might be interested.

Consultant database

GADN is putting together a database of the independent consultants in the network. This will be available on our website and will be a useful tool both for consultants to promote their work, and for members and others to get in contact with consultants who have skills they might need.
If you are a member of the network and would like to be included in the database, contact Francesca – for a template to fill in with your details. If you are not a member but would like to know more about GADN, please do also get in contact.
In the future the database will also have space for members to recommend consultants, from within and outside the network. Inclusion in the database will not imply an endorsement from GADN.

Communications review

We are currently conducting a review of the ways in which we communicate with our members – to include our website, newsletters, social media, reports, working group meetings and member’s meetings.
We will be looking at the current strategies we use for communicating with members, gather feedback on how effective they are and create an action plan for improving them.
Francesca will be contacting a number of members to request an informal interview about our current communications. However, if you have any particular issues you would like to bring up, or
recommendations to make, please do get in contact – (by the end of August)

Girls Education Working Group at the UKFIET conference

The Girls' Education in International Development working group is hosting a discussion on ‘evidence of change in girls’ access to quality education’ at the UKFIET conference on 9th September. The event will look at:  What, in the context of girls' education do we mean by evidence, and what kind of evidence is going to help most in informing and improving programming and education for girls?  How can we use qualitative and quantitative research together for building evidence? A range of organizations will share insights and evidence on ‘what works’ from recent research on issues ranging from ‘learning’ to ‘violence in schools’ followed by an informal Q&A session to explore the issues more deeply and make recommendations on how to ensure girls’ quality education remains central to the post-2015 debates. The event will be held in the McGregor Matthews room at New College, from 6-7.30pm on Monday 9th September. For more information please click here. Please forward to any colleagues who might be attending the conference.
See our website for more information on the Girls’ Education in International Development working group.

Anita Reilly, Education Adviser at Plan UK and a member of the working group has recently posted this blog on improving the quality of Girl’s Education.


Post – 2015 and Inequalities

In July GADN convened a meeting between those working on different forms of inequality in the post-2105 agenda, including disability, age, gender, income and social inequalities. The meeting was a chance to understand each other’s positions and strategies, and to explore ways of working together. We will be working with those that attended and our post-2015 working group to take these ideas forward.
See our website for the latest GADN post-2015 activities.

GADN Coordinator