Engaging Men & Boys; GADN at CSW58

Members meeting on men and boys
GADN recently held a members meeting on the topic of men and boys with presentations from Bethan Cansfield, Womankind Worldwide, Nikki van der Gaag, an independent consultant, and Jerker Edstrom, IDS. The presentations and notes from the meeting will be circulated to members in the next few days, but if you would like to see them and you are not a member, please send a request to Francesca.

The 58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women
GADN and members attended CSW58 in March. Two blog posts have been shared by GADN to reflect on the negotiations – CSW58 – reflections on week one and Initial reflections on CSW 58 after week two. Overall, this year’s CSW has been seen as a qualified success. The reference to a standalone gender goal is excellent and will help further engagement in the post-2015 process. There are references throughout to gender equality, and the human rights of women and girls, which was on the table for deletion at one point, and close to the best agreed language of sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, and sexual and reproductive health services. References to sovereignty and sex selection didn’t make it to the final text and the references to family are weaker than the opposition wanted. But we did not move the agenda as far forward as was hoped. Most of the discussions were a rear-guard action to protect what we have and the space to open up a more progressive conversation on women’s rights was limited. You can read more in our two blog posts.

GADN Volunteer