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Putting gender in political economy analysis: why it matters and how to do it

May 2018

Briefing: Political economy analysis ignores one of the most pervasive systems of power in society – gender. A gendered political economy analysis examines how gender and other social inequalities shape people’s access to power and resources, and ensures that women’s perspectives inform the process, content and use of the analysis.

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Guidance and resources on gender reviews, support to survivors of violence, sexual harassment and safeguarding

March 2018

This compilation of guidance and resources has been prepared by Elanor Jackson and Kanwal Ahluwalia  for GADN members who are trying to ensure that their organisations’ responses to sexual harassment revelations is transformative and based on a women’s rights perspective.

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Untangling Gender Mainstreaming: A Theory of Change based on experience and reflection

March 2015

This paper, produced by the GADN Gender Mainstreaming Working Group, explores the concept and practicalities of gender mainstreaming. It draws on learning from staff with responsibility for gender mainstreaming in nine UK based international Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs) and their Southern based partner organisations; wider discussions with GADN members and women’s rights activists; as well as the personal experiences and reflections of the authors. It elaborates a Theory of Change setting out the component parts of gender mainstreaming, how these relate to each other, and how they collectively contribute towards the wider goal of gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights. 

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Ten steps towards integrating gender equality into campaigns

November 2014

This briefing is a guide for campaigners and communicators seeking to address gender equality and women's and girls’ rights more effectively in their work.  

Whether you’re planning a campaign on a specific women's and girls’ rights challenge or working on a broader issue and want to ensure that your campaign promotes gender equality, the ten steps will suggest how to use a gender equality and women's rights lens at every stage of campaign planning and delivery.

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