Turning Promises into Progress: Gender equality and rights for women and girls - lessons learnt and actions needed

Joint report with Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS UK) and the UK Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Network.

2015 represents an important moment for gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights. It is twenty years since the landmark Beijing Conference on Women and fifteen years since the ground-breaking United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 on Women, Peace and Security was adopted. In light of these key milestones and as the post-2015 development framework is agreed and implemented, three UK Networks have come together to assess progress.

Over the last two decades there have been many new commitments and increasing political rhetoric on gender equality and the realisation of rights for women and girls, but limited real progress in achieving either.  In our report, Turning Promises to Progress, we conclude that this is, in part, because the underlying causes of gender equality have not been addressed and there was insufficient political will to make the changes needed on the ground.  Detailed recommendations for concrete action to turn rhetoric into change are outlined throughout the report.

We are encouraged by the evidence and knowledge available globally which can be utilised to shape the best way forward and, more importantly, by the women’s movement that is now stronger than ever.  Organisations and networks worldwide are marking the anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and anniversary of UNSCR 1325 by calling on governments to account for and implement the commitments made.  These calls for action provide inspiration and recommendations that must be acted upon by international, national and civil society actors well beyond the twentieth anniversary of that landmark conference.

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Turning Promises into Progress - full report

We have also written a short summary briefing:

Turning Promises into Progress - Summary Briefing

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The eight issue sections of the report are available to download as separate documents below:

Women, Peace and Security

Violence Against Women and Girls

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Women's Participation and Influence in Decision Making


Women's Economic Empowerment and Equality

Unpaid Care

Social Norms