Antonella Mancini

GADN acting Co-Chair. Independent consultant and facilitator

Antonella Mancini.jpg

Antonella Mancini is an independent consultant and facilitator with over twenty years experience working in international development, environment and human rights at grass roots, policy and management levels.

Her specialism is conducting participatory evaluations and research on governance, civil society advocacy and campaigns, and gender and inclusion. Prior to going freelance in 2005, Antonella was Head of Impact Assessment at ActionAid International.

Antonella is a committed feminist and an enthusiastic communicator who enjoys engaging in both formal and informal settings. She is also currently the Labour Party Women’s Officer for her local Ward in Islington, London.

“I’ve been involved with GADN since its formative years in the 1990s. Over time I’ve seen the network develop into a valuable space and strategic platform for supporting and advancing women’s rights work. I’m delighted and proud to play a small part in the GADN journey and in my current role as interim co-chair.”