Working Groups

GADN Working Groups bring together members working on specific issues related to gender and development, there is also a group which shares best practice on programming. Working Groups facilitate joint advocacy, research, networking and knowledge exchange and learning.

Meetings take place every 6 weeks – 3 months, depending on the needs of the group. Outside of the meetings, members share updates and resources or ask questions via email lists.

Each group has two or three co-chairs who are responsible for drafting and consulting with the group on an annual work plan, ensuring the group meets regularly, setting meeting agendas and reporting back to the Advisory Group and Secretariat on activities.

Join a Working Group

Working Groups are open to all members to participate as representatives of their organisation. You can join as many groups as you wish.

If you would like to join a Working Group, email specifying which group you are interested in. 


“Being part of GADN is essential for my job and my professional development. It’s where I go to learn, seek advice and be challenged to work more effectively on gender equality.”

- Priya Nath, Equality, inclusion and rights advisor, WaterAid


GADN Forum are open to individual members and member organisation staff, who participate in a personal capacity.

Feminist Forum

A safe space for members to discuss feminist values and how they transpire in personal and working lives. As individuals, not representatives of organisations, members debate issues and challenges that can be difficult to discuss in other more formal spaces.

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Women of Colour Forum

As part of our commitment to a more critical understanding of race, post-coloniality and intersectionality within international development discourse and practice, GADN is offering to support the creation of a women of colour-only space for those working in the UK aid sector. GADN recognises that women of colour need their own spaces to gather and be free from mainstream marginalisation and discrimination so often found in places of work and across British society more broadly.

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📷 GADN members at ‘Feminist Responses to Safeguarding’ workshop (May 2019)