Members Meetings and Public Seminars

Next members meeting

The next meeting will be on 2 July 2018. Details have been circulated to members. If you are interested in joining, please contact

Previous meetings

GADN holds quarterly members meetings and public seminars.  

In 2017-18, GADN members' meeting were held on the following topics:

  • What's going on in the world of women's rights?
  • Strengthening solidarity on women's rights: A conversation with FEMNET
  • Raising the stakes on gender equality: time to lead on women's leadership
  • What’s happening at DFID on gender equality?

In the year 2016-17, GADN members' meetings were held on the following topics:

  • Gender equality and macroeconomics
  • Feminist development alternatives
  • Gender and refugee movements
  • Gender equality and environmental sustainability

Previous meetings have been on the following themes:

  • Gender and social movements
  • The SDGS: What's next?
  • The World Humanitarian Summit
  • How does Gender Equality Happen: The DfID programme partnership agreement learning group on gender equality present their theory of change
  • Men and Boys
  • Beyond the individual - addressing the social, political and economic blocks to gender equality
  • Setting Agendas in the Future
  • Political Participation
  • Beyond Gender Mainstreaming
  • Violence Against Women in Humanitarian Contexts
  • Women's Rights and Family Planning
  • Where do we stand? How can the development community navigate current pressures to deliver development for women?
  • Beyond Women and Girls' Vulnerability: A Debate on Gender, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Women's Rights in the Current International Aid Environment: Challenges and Opportunities
  • UN Women: A New Opportunity to Deliver for Women?
  • Peace, Security and VAW: Is UN SCR 1325 Delivering for Women?
  • How Can We Bring Together Our Work on Women's Rights and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights?
  • MDGs and Gender: What's next?