What we do

·         Support our members to be more effective in their own work on gender and development through networking with others

·         Share information and analysis and create space for discussions among members on issues central to gender and development to facilitate joint learning

·         Co-ordinate advocacy on our core issues to improve our collective impact

·         Make proposals to DFID and other donors on policy and practice

·         Provide analysis on areas identified as ‘gaps’ within the network, and develop alternative solutions

How we work

·         Working groups lead on certain issues, bringing together members active in that area to develop analysis and best practice and sometimes undertake joint advocacy

·         Members meetings act as a forum for debate and information sharing and allow members to network with one another

·         Publications - produced by the working groups or Secretariat - provide information and analysis

·         Newsletters keep members up to date with the latest news on gender and development, and publicise members' activities and resources

Learn about our plans for 2018-19 and the highlights of our year 2017-18 here.

Find out what GADN got up to recently in our 2017-18 activities report! You can also read our 2016-17 activities report, our 2015-16 activities report and our 2014-2015 activities report.

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GADN’s work on the post-2015 framework is seen by civil servants to have contributed to the widespread support for a standalone gender goal, and for a target on unpaid care within it. Testimony from Michael Anderson, then the senior UK civil servant leading the post-2015 process:

When I was working for Prime Minister Cameron as his Special Envoy on UN Development Goals, we were looking for good briefing materials that would help us shape the UN proposals for a post-2015 framework …The GADN Briefing Paper 3 stands out in my memory as one of the most useful papers we received.  ….  I particularly liked the jargon-free approach of the paper and its clear relevance to policy-makers.  It had a big impact on the final report published in May 2013. ” 

Producing resources

GADN wrote DFID’s guidance note on Violence Against Women and Girls (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)

GADN has produced numerous briefings and a training pack to support the work of our members, which are available in Resources.

“GADN helps me to keep in touch with issues and debates and facilitates networking with others who have the same priorities. ” – GADN member

Facilitating dialogue

We have organised various events with the Secretary of State for International Development and other DFID ministers, including keynote speeches for International Women’s Day in 2013 and 2014, and at the Global Summit to Prevent Sexual Violence in Conflict in 2014. These meetings enabled the sharing of the views of our members and of women from organisations in the Global South with HMG.