Penny Plowman

Brief Biography:

Penny has 35 years’ experience working in the Development Sector, specialising in Gender and Organisational Change.  Her practice is grounded in reflective, participatory and qualitative methodologies.   Penny is an experienced gender trainer and teaches a short course on practical skills and approaches for gender equality at the School of International Development, University of East Anglia, where she is an External Research Associate.  Penny has extensive experience of working in South Africa and in other countries in Africa and in India.  She lives in Norwich, UK.

Areas of Expertise:

Building gender knowledge and practical skills within development organisations; participatory organisational gender equality self- assessments; individual/team mentoring for gender equality; designing and teaching short courses on practical approaches for gender equality; gender training workshops; research training workshops on the Qualitative Diary Study (writing and dialogue). Working collaboratively.

Contact info: