What We Do


GADN is an influential network of UK-based NGOs and leading experts working with partners worldwide to put gender equality and women’s rights at the heart of international development.

  • We promote gender equality and the rights of women and girls across the UK international development sector.

  • We aim to strengthen the UK government’s commitment, policy and practice towards achieving gender equality in its international work.

  • We seek to influence international bodies, such as the UN, proposing solutions and shaping the discourse around gender equality and women’s rights.

  • We share learning and build members’ capacity to deliver effectively on gender equality.

  • We collaborate with organisations in the global south, and are part of a fast-growing global feminist movement.

How we work

We support our members to learn, share best practice, and develop joint advocacy.

  • Share information and analysis in resources and weekly updates.

  • Provide the opportunity to learn and debate current issues in webinars and quarterly Member Meetings.

  • Create safe spaces for members to connect as individuals rather than representatives of organisations through the Feminist Forum and the Women of Colour Forum.

  • Bring members together in Working Groups on specific issues to develop analysis and best practice and share advocacy strategy.

  • Take a leadership role where needed, for example focusing on emerging issues such as safeguarding and PSEAH


“At a time of great turmoil in the sector GADN provided thoughtful leadership in helping us develop our safeguarding responses and share best practice with colleagues in other organisations”

- Fenella Porter, Interim Deputy Director, Women's Rights and Gender Justice Oxfam GB

GADN supported members to respond quickly and effectively to revelations of sexual harassment and abuse in INGOs in March 2018.

We aim to play a positive role within global feminist movements.

  • Share information and analysis and create spaces for others’ voices.

  • Enable our members to work on shared agendas with feminists in the global south through events such as the FEMNET workshop in July 2018.

  • Develop joint advocacy with partners such as FEMNET and AWID, particularly through the GEM project.

  • Work with feminist allies internationally to advocate for change.


“Through partnering with GADN we have been able to build joint messages around our common priorities. We value our partnership built around the tenets of mutual respect and accountability that have allowed us to have true north south collaboration”

- Crystal Simeoni, Head of Advocacy and Economic Justice Lead, FEMNET

We advocate for better gender equality policies and practice in the UK international development sector and international institutions.


“We are very grateful to GADN for generating awareness on macroeconomics and gender. GADN was a critical partner and influencer on Macroeconomic Policy and Women’s Economic Empowerment. GADN’s technical input strengthened policy discussions... and helped us arrive at a consensus on key priorities.”

- Anuradha Seth (Left) Policy Advisor Economic Empowerment, UN Women

GADN influenced the international agenda in 2017 by successfully pressuring the UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment to recognise that macro-level economic policies influence gender equality. A UN working group was established which produced a report specifically on these issues.  

What has GADN done so far?

📷 GADN Members Meeting on new opportunities and threats to women’s rights (March 2018)