IDC inquiry into the Sustainable Development Goals: Response by the UK Gender and Development Network

The Gender and Development Network has responded to the IDC inquiry into the Sustainable Development Goals. The key points of GADN's response are as follows:

  • The UK Government has played a valuable leadership role in ensuring that gender equality is taken seriously within the SDGs, and has an important continued role to champion the implementation of these commitments both under SDG 5 and across the goals.

  • Accountable implementation processes must ensure that the voices of women, particularly the most marginalised, are heard and reflected upon.

  • Implementation of the SDGs will require adaption and development of some of DFID’s own practices, for example in relation to unpaid care, social norms and the intersection between different forms of discrimination such as disability and gender.

  • Substantial new, high quality funding will be needed to meet the ambition of the SDGs in relation to gender equality

  • Dedicated support for women’s rights organisations, through specific funds, will be a vital component of success

  • Measuring progress will require flexibility in the design of indicators to reflect the structural barriers to gender equality, and increased investment in data collection.

You can read the complete response here.