Stepping up: How governments can contribute to women’s economic empowerment

Government economic policy shapes women’s lives, and could be a force for equality, yet too often this potential is not realised.  In our new briefing, Stepping up, we argue that governments must play a central role in achieving women’s economic empowerment; that their priority should be to tackle the underlying barriers to economic empowerment, particularly those faced by marginalised women; and that it is in the area of economic policy that government action will have most transformative impact.

We briefly examine the CSW61 theme of the changing world of work, then consider macroeconomic policy, decent work, unpaid care, corporate accountability and women's voices in decision making.  Our report concludes with specific recommendations that governments can take - at CSW in March or beyond - to promote the economic empowerment of all women.

You can find the full briefing here.

You can also read the recommendations of the briefing, focussing on the upcoming CSW61, here.