The Women's Economic Justice Working Group aims to develop and promote policy recommendations towards the achievement of women’s economic rights and justice.


Sophie Efange, Christian Aid

Rachel Noble, ActionAid


  • Build understanding and consensus among INGOs and decision makers on the structural nature of women’s economic inequality.

  • Promote alternatives, in the context of current UK and global development policies and programmes, based for example on work done by feminist economists and organisations such as Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) and the International Association of Feminist Economists (IAFFE).

  • Provide a forum for GADN members and other like-minded organisations to build alliances for women’s economic rights and justice.

  • Influence the UK Government’s relevant development and international policies.

Women’s Economic Justice Working Group details (pdf)


Resources on economic justice are available from GADN member organisations and others.

Resources written by the Women’s Economic Justice working group are below:

📷 GADN Members Meeting on worker’s rights and women’s rights (April 2019)