Feminist Development Alternatives Pack

June 2016

The Gender & Development Network’s (GADN) Feminist Alternatives Project was created in response to our members’ desire to improve the effectiveness of their organisations in achieving gender equality and women’s and girls’ rights, and to understand better the alternatives that are promoted by feminists globally.

This project has evolved over a number of years and has encompassed an international online discussion and many internal debates and papers amongst GADN members, their southern partners and other allies. It became clear that a single paper, peppered with caveats, was not the way forward so we decided to produce a collection of papers allowing the project to encompass diverse perspectives.

These contributions are just the start; indeed, we do not pretend that they are anything more than a rather arbitrary collection of feminists whose work we admire. We hope that this modest beginning will inspire others to add their contributions.

There are seven papers in the pack, each of which should be read in conjunction with the Overview and the Glossary.

Download all seven papers, together with the Overview and Glossary, here.

Download each paper separately here:

We will soon be creating an online forum for discussion of this pack. For more material on this topic, please see AWID's Feminist Propositions for a Just Economy discussions.