The Humanitarian Working Group (HWG) focuses on addressing the specific consequences gender inequality and gender based violence (GBV) has on women and girls in humanitarian contexts.


Anna Parke, ActionAid


Our overall advocacy goal is that women's and girls’ needs and rights are prioritised through specific policy, funding and programming in humanitarian settings resulting in their empowerment and the recognition of their role and value within their communities. We will do this by:

  • Sharing knowledge and best practices on women and girls’ protection needs in the settings we operate.

  • Supporting each others’ advocacy efforts and potentially doing joint advocacy that is not covered by similar GADN working groups or by the Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS) network. It will also provide a link to GAPS work for those organisations who are not GAPS members.

Other Resources

Resources on humanitarian issues are available from GADN members and others.

Resources written by the Working Group are below:

📷 GADN members question DFID staff at a Members Meeting (November 2018)