New Alternatives blog: Envisioning feminist futures

Earlier this summer, GADN released a pack of papers under the banner of Feminist Development Alternatives, the product of many months’ deliberation around the question of what feminist visions of development might look like – and what steps we need to take to achieve them.

This project was an opportunity for GADN’s members and allies to take a step back from the priorities and imperatives set by government agendas, funding possibilities and news cycles to reflect on why and how we each engage in gender and development work.

The pack inspired a members meeting in July 2016, where a wide selection of GADN’s members and allies shared their own concerns, aspirations and ideals for our work as gender and development specialists.

We have now produced a blog on the topic, dealing with some of the questions that the Feminist Development Alternatives project has raised, through the papers themselves and the discussion that they have inspired.  We hope this blog will serve as a space for discussion, sharing contributions and visions for a feminist future. Join the conversation here!