GADN-Bond submission to SDG inquiry

The Bond SDGs group and the Gender and Development Network recently made a joint submission to the Women and Equalities Committee's inquiry on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 5 in the UK.

The submission includes the following key recommendations:

1. The SDGs are a universal agenda which apply to all countries. They are an integrated and indivisible package of goals and targets which present a real opportunity to reduce gender inequalities in every country around the world, including the UK.

2. A formal mechanism should be created to ensure there is coordination across government at the highest political level. Political leadership, underpinned by comprehensive implementation plans, is crucial to ensure effective accountability and delivery of the SDGs.

3. In line with DFID’s plans to publish its approach to 'leave no one behind', the UK Government should continue to show global leadership by laying out its commitment to work with the UK women’s rights sector to look at who is being “left behind” and why.

4. To date we are disappointed in the UK Government’s response to the SDGs, and we support the analysis and recommendations of the International Development Committee (IDC) inquiry into the SDGs.

Read the full submission here. 


GADN Volunteer