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Why SheTrades misses the mark on transforming trade for women

Following last month's launch of SheTrades Commonwealth, a new initiative designed to 'break down gender barriers in international trade', GADN policy officer Marion Sharples wrote a response to the announcement in Devex.

While the initiative is no doubt well-intended, it assumes that what women need is greater access to trade. In reality, women's lives are already affected in myriad ways by international trade - and for the majority of women, these experiences are negative.

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Trade and gender equality: outcomes from a joint webinar

On 13 December 2017, the Gender & Development Network and Oxfam came together with experts working on women’s rights, development economics, climate justice and globalisation, to discuss the current impacts of trade on women, and propose ways in which trade policy and agreements must change in order to ensure that they support, instead of threaten, gender equality and women’s rights. Read the outcomes from the webinar here!

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